Farm-derived units of measurement:

The rod is a historical unit of length equal to 5½ yards. It may have originated from the typical length of a mediaeval ox-goad.

The furlong (meaning furrow length) was the distance a team of oxen could plough without resting. This was standardised to be exactly 40 rods.

An acre was the amount of land tillable by one man behind one ox in one day. Traditional acres were long and narrow due to the difficulty in turning the plough.

An oxgang was the amount of land tillable by one ox in a ploughing season. This could vary from village to village, but was typically around 15 acres.

A virgate was the amount of land tillable by two oxen in a ploughing season.

A carucate was the amount of land tillable by a team of eight oxen in a ploughing season. This was equal to 8 oxgangs or 4 virgates.

A furlong is also 660 feet!

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Gold/Platinum Tellurides in chalcedonic quartz hosted in graphitic schist.

found in southern vancouver island, bc, canada. 

Lower San Juan Gold


Butterflies on Gravel Bar

Always gotta groan when looking at blogs of nature pictures, and not a single picture was taken by the blog owner…. Starts to seem like a big circle jerk after a while… why wouldn’t you want to blog about places you’ve been, or things you’ve seen.

This especially goes out to all these outdoors/hiking/nature blogs that post a trillion images a day, being populated by some pale kid in a basement somewhere scouring flickr for the next cool tree picture hoping for a zillion reblogs….

You guys are aware there are trees outside too, right?

ANOTHER Pipeline Leak


Another leak has been detected along Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline which crosses southern British Columbia carrying petroleum products from Alberta.

Kinder Morgan spokesman Andy Galarnyk confirms the line has been shut down as a precaution after a company crew noticed a problem in the Hope area, about 150 kilometres east of Vancouver.

Galarnyk says regulatory agencies and local authorities have been notified and the company is following the same procedures used on June 12 when a small leak occurred near Merritt, about 120 kilometres north of Hope.

There’s no word, yet, on the extent of the latest leak, but it comes on the same day as Kinder Morgan plans to hold an open house in suburban Vancouver on the planned expansion of the pipeline.